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How to Be Unique. A talk at the Global Speaker Summit, in the Netherlands


Creativity Keynote Showreel

Catch Your Dreams. An inspirational talk

Creative Marketing and Branding talk


Paul the Psychic Octopus

3D Stereogram
Could you see the 3D image on the back of my business card? If not, look here.

goal chasm wheel of lifeThe Goal Chasm™
Every LifeCoach uses a thing called 'The Wheel of Life' to plot which areas of your life could be most in need of attention. We're bored of that round here and want to give you something new. So here is the Goal Chasm.

Optical Illusions
Have a look at these classic optical illusions andconsider how andwhy your perception responds in the way it does. Read the article 'Your Brain Makes Stuff Up'.

Recommended Reading
Recommended books, DVDs and CDs linked to the themes on this site.

Buy Now, Pay Later


House Standing Empty


'The Creativity song'. This is a shorter version of the song 'Magic in the Air' used to open keynotes and workshops. This clip is made up from numerous performances of the song over a period of nearly a year. It's interesting that I somehow manage to play the song at the same tempo each time otherwise this edit would not have been possible.

'Another Great Idea' song. Performed to close a keynote talk. This one is from The Knowledge Network in Bedfordshire.

'Goodbye to Woolworths' song. An ode to being better focused in business. Find out more about this song here.


Alanis Morissett's 'Ironic' turned into a positive thinking song.


'We Went to the Moon' segment from comedy act in 2009.


'(I Aint Got) Time to Talk to You' song. A song about being busy fools - how we don't focus on the things that really matter to the big picture and instead are too busy doing the small things that don't move us closer to our goals.

'I Love 5 O'Clock' sketch. Performed at the Big Do Comedy Club in Oxford. A joke on those nostalgic television programmes.

'Ironic' comedy routine. With the lyrics changed to be more positive.

'That Don't Impress Me Much' comedy routine. With the lyrics changed to be more positive.


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