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how to survive infidelityHow to Survive Infidelity
104 page book

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Escape the feelings of panic and move on to a new life free from the pain of the past.

"Nine and a half years of lies! How could I have been so gullible? So foolish? Suddenly and without warning she told me about the string of affairs throughout all of our time together. Some of the people involved I’d met, some even their identity as well as the affairs themselves had been kept secret. She told me all the salacious details. The latest one was obviously good enough to leave me for and she did just that. It was a Sunday morning. Calmly and quietly she packed a bag and walked out the door and up the road."

If you have suffered the loss of a relationship through a betrayal of trust, suffered unfaithfulness, infidelity or adulterous behavior by your partner or spouse you may have begun a pattern of panic, stress and sadness that can lead to a downwards spiral of depression that could end up destroying what’s left of your life and hurting others around you.

You are likely to be in a cycle of depression, fear, worthlessness and emotional pain. This is not a good position to be in.

If you'd like to know how to come to terms with what happened, be able to move on positively and find ways to rebuild your life, then keep reading...

Here's why: This is a practical forward thinking 'first aid' sort of book, designed so that you can quickly digest the information and put it to use.

Written from the lesser-documented male perspective and avoiding any psycho babble, this is a book written by someone who actually went through it, and clearly describes what happened to him and what he did to rebuild his confidence and his life. So much so I can now claim that this 'worst thing' was in fact the 'best thing' that ever happened to me.

It has been written as proof that the tide can be turned and gives practical no-nonsense steps to be followed to end that cycle of misery forever to begin a new, positive and fulfilling life with new relationships uninfluenced by the trauma of the past.

Writing this book wasn't easy. I didn't want to dwell on the past but at the same time I needed to make it as detailed as possible in the relevant areas so that anyone has gone though a similar experience can relate to it, use the exercises and quickly get out of the darkness and into the light. It is possible. My wish with the book is that it helps those, especially men, who don't know who or what to turn to.

Three Reasons why this book can help you:

Reason one: I know that everything revealed in this book works because this is exactly what I did to recover and move on from my own sad and sorry tale.

Reason two: You'll read my story and learn exactly how I overcame my troubles and moved on.

Reason three: Whatever the nature of your story, you’ll find practical and useful tips, techniques and exercises that really do work.

Here is a summary of the benefits you receive from the book:

• There are action exercises at the end of each chapter to work through some of the issues raised each chapter.

• You use the book as a workbook to guide you through your recovery.

• What happened to me is recounted in some detail.

• You'll be able to apply each step to your own story.

• Easy to read and digest - this is not a technical manual.

• You can read and get on with it straight away.

• It's not written by a psychologist: there's no technobabble or aloofness - I was right there where you are

• This is not a detached viewpoint - it actually happened to me.

This book was written to show that it is possible not only to move on after the personal tragedy of betrayal and the end of a relationship, but to also forgive and even to forget, to start new and better relationships and most exciting of all, to do it all without delay.
I know that everything revealed in this book works because this is exactly what I did to recover and move on from my own sad and sorry tale. Whatever your story I know that you’ll find practical and useful tips, techniques and exercises that really do work.

how to survive infidelityWarning! This book is not suitable for anyone who does not want to let go of the past. It is not for people who wish to re-live or wallow in their misfortune, hardships or mistakes.

Here we do not dwell on the past or try to discover reasons for events and behavior. It is not a substitute for counseling or medical advice. It is not about proportioning blame. It is not about revenge, getting even or indulging oneself. Neither is it about denial or somehow ignoring the facts. It is not about creating a fantasy world where everything is fluffy and nice, neither is it about making you so tough that nothing could ever harm you again.

We’ll not be going into the causes of infidelity, the so called differences between men and women and neither does our remit look at prevention - there are many books out on the market that cover those things.

The techniques, scenarios and exercises described in this book aim to lift you out of that dark place to a vantage point where you feel free again to decide to start your life again (with or without the offending partner).

What people say...

"Ayd is lively and engaging and makes his points in a different sort of way that really has impact." 
- R. Geraghty, Managing Director - Languages At Lunch

"It is almost condescending to attempt to try to find words to express the benefits of spending time with Ayd. HIs presentations are nothing short of a holistic experience. You will be taken on a journey in which you find yourself hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling,  and touching the inner depths of your inner self."
- Lynn Grocott - NLP Practitioner, coach, trainer, speaker and author

“Right from the start, you will appreciating Ayd's professionalism. Ayd thinks things right through to startling and impressive conclusions - stimulating and original. He gives ideas in the spirit of fellowship and shared enthusiasm which is profoundly enabling. Ayd is your guide on an intrepid journey... let him show you the way - he knows where to find it.” - Sarah McCloughry, Anrah Coaching

Do NOT waste your time with any book on surviving infidelity unless it meets the following 6 criteria:

1: Be concerned with your feelings - not cold facts about divorce law etc.

2: Be specific - so many books out there are so general. Where they cover 'break-ups' they don’t spend much time on infidelity and its repercussions. Many are aimed at reconciliation which is something that may happen after the period of trauma that my book deals with.

3: Be based on a real first hand account. Books that are actually on 'cheating' are always written by psychologists or counselors and draw on their many years of experience, but, they tend to concentrate on the reasons for the infidelity, which although interesting, especially for prevention, don’t necessarily help. My book is not concerned with ‘why’ (as there are good books that deal with that) it is concerned with ‘what now’. Psychologists books are often full of case studies that are interesting but not actually very practical and certainly not written peer to peer.

4: Be able to be applied to you whether you are a man or a woman. Books on recovery are often written by women for women. My book is aimed at both sexes. The fact that I am male and willing to discuss openly and honestly what happened to me allows the book to be marketed more easily at men who suffer in silence. There is a hidden iceberg of female infidelity out there and yet the ‘media’ lead us to believe it is only men who cheat. The sort of feelings involved are embarrassing, especially so for men. Women are often more able to discuss such feelings with their friends. Men do not. Men who have been cheated on can feel the additional loss of status or manliness in these situations. This is the only book that caters for this.

5: Not be about revenge or 'getting even': these sort of things are not constructive and will not help you.

6: Not waste you time looking for 'reasons' for the affair. This books is about looking forward and moving on, not looking back. Neither do you want a 'pink and fluffy' book that panders to your crisis.

What price can you put of freedom from sadness?

This book will save you weeks, months or even years of missed opportunities. Why wait all that time before beginning the journey to a new life, free from the pain of the past?

Why not start now. Let this book guide you.

In summary, here's what you get:

how to survive infidelity104 page book containing these chapters:

Part One – The Story

About ‘the Story’
The Revelations That Turned My World Upside Down
The Symptoms of Loss and Betrayal
Action page – your story

Part Two – The Recovery

The Worst Case Scenario
Action page – your plan of action
Time to Start Thinking Positively
Action page – positive influences and ideas
Positive Action
Action page – your plan for escape and fun
The Miracle of Self-talk
Action page – your self-talk
Re-writing the Past for the Future
Action page – memory intensity factors
Vision for A New You
About the Author

Each chapter is followed by action exercises.

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To your fantastic future,

Ayd Instone

P.S. Remember, today could be the first day of the rest of your life.



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