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Music and Songwriting

Music is an excellent way to get a message across and inspire people. Ayd performs songs on guitar to open and close his talks as well as using the banjo to explain how the creative brain works.

Music is also a perfect metaphor for how businesses (and our lives) should be run. There are rules and boundaries that need to be understood and within which we need to operate to create harmony, melody, rythymn and symphonies; everthing working wonderfully well as a whole to attain our goal.

Ayd has written hundreds of songs, many of which have a suitable message for meetings. He is also able to compose a song with lyrics specifically about your industry, company, people or current projects or challenges. The songs can have a serious tone or be humourus and can be performed at your event be it a training session, conference or awards ceremony.

Click here to listen to the song 'Everything'

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"Ayd is a fabulous entertainer, thoughful, funny, makes you always look on the bright side"
"Ayd is just so funny. His observations are spot on. Very entertaining."
"Ayd's creativity was amazing! He crammed in great lessons for speakers in just a few short minues. Ayd's songs had us roaring with laughter, so much so that we're still talking about him day's later."
"His original lyrics and humour are unique."
— audience members

ayd instone creativity speaker


oxford 107.9

Click here to hear a clip of Ayd discussing his music and performing two songs on Oxford's Passion FM radio talking to Kirsty Leahy about his work, music and comedy. To hear a clip from the programme (including live versions of the songs 'Whatever Turns You On' and 'Fantastic!' click here.


Goodbye to Woolworths' song. An ode to being better focused in business.


'(I Aint Got) Time to Talk to You' song. A song about being busy fools - how we don't focus on the things that really matter to the big picture and instead are too busy doing the small things that don't move us closer to our goals.

Alanis Morissett's 'Ironic' turned into a positive thinking song.


'We Went to the Moon' segment from comedy act in 2009.



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