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Ding! How to have a great idea that will change your life

202 page book.

Paperback £15.99
inc. FREE p&p

Creative brain training to tap into your creative source.

• Unlock your creativity to generate winning ideas to increase profits

• Be better at solving problems and troubleshoot your business

• Learn how to use your brain's creative process to generate bigger and better ideas that will change your life.

Do you know you want to achieve more – but don't quite know what or how?

Are you already a highly creative person who's looking for triggers that will help them explore more creative possibilities?

Whether you’re a successful entrepreneur and troubleshooter, or someone just setting off on your creative journey, this book is about giving you ideas and tools to fire-up, enhance and grow your practical and productive creative thinking skills.

• Explore your own creative mind and flex your innovation muscles

• Brainstorm ideas, then focus in to define the winning idea to take forward

• Think, define, design, develop, modify and hammer into shape your creative idea and project

• Embrace the right-brain thinking characteristics of design, empathy, meaning, significance and harmony

This book is designed to take you on a journey from understanding what creativity is, gaining confidence in your potential, opening up your mind to possibilities and then working out what use you are going to put your creative powers to.

“Ayd provides a clear link about how the topic of creativity relates to success in business. He provides useful takeaway ideas that can be put into practice straight away. His questions and practical discovery exercises really get people realizing how much more of their potential there is available to be teased out. He is the perfect guy to help them to tap into more of the creative genius within them."
— Tony Burgess, Director, Academy of High Achievers Ltd

Paperback £12.99
inc. FREE p&p


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