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Ayd Instone is The Innovation Catalyst, a creative director and expert speaker and performer who can help you get more productivity and profitability from you and your teams creativity by making innovation happen. Ayd unleashes your people’s talent, helps them find their creative dynamic and inspires innovation in your business.

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He is an expert in explaining and training creativity and creative confidence. He works as a keynote motivational speaker, graphic artist and brand consultant.

Using humour, original songs (often bespoke to the audience, performed on acoustic guitar) and high energy, Ayd creates a unique, entertaining and inspirational performance.

Ayd Instone motivational speaker on creativity and innovation

Ayd Instone motivational innovation creativity speakerAs a Creative Director, Ayd has 18 years experience of design and marketing in print and mulitmedia (including working on the design of Microsoft’s intranet.) having previously worked in television special effects.

Ayd has created over 200 brands for products and companies, large and small and designed global marketing campaigns for Oxford University Press, Macmillan Publishers and Oxfam, amongst others. He even helped designed Microsoft's intranet. For the past 11 years he's run his own branding and publishing company, Eldamar ltd, and has helped brand and create around 30 books for experts by helping them hone in on what it is that they stand for, what exactly it is that they are selling, what exactly it is about them that is unique, memorable and bookable.

He has also worked as university lecturer to degree and MBA students on business and entrpreurship (University of Herfordshire, Bedforshire University and Oxford Brookes University).

Ayd has a degree in Physics and Physical Science BSc(hons) and has worked as a technical author. This gives him the credibility and authority to work with the scientific and technical industries that book him.

He is the author of four published books about creativity and innovation.

Ayd Instone motivational innovation creativity speakerAyd began speaking professionally in 2004 after having performed standup comedy for a number of years including a monthly slot at Oxford’s ‘Big Do’ event as a comedy motivational speaker. Since then he has delivered a number of keynotes on creativity and design to:

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Morrisons Supermarkets
Association of Clinical Data Managers
Pepsico UK and Ireland
The Co-operative
Salon Success
Young Enterprise
Association of Exhibition Organisers
Business Link
Ayd Instone motivational innovation creativity speakerPeter Thomson International
Kings College
Oxford Brookes University
Northampton University
Bedfordshire University
University of Hertfordshire Business School
Institute of Engineering Technology
Science and Technologies Facilities Council
Academy for Chief Executives
Young Presidents Organisation
Williams Medical Ltd
Fabulous Baking Boys

He has also address a number of schools with children aged 12 to 18.

Ayd Instone motivational innovation creativity speakerAyd has spoken all over the UK, in Lagos (Nigeria) and in the Netherlands
From 2008 to 2011 he was the editor of the Professional Speaking Association magazine, ‘Speakeasy’.

He is also a singer/songwriter, having performed with his rock band ‘Luma Chroma’, releasing a number of singles and now solo with acoustic guitar, often writing songs specifically for events. To date he has written nearly 500 songs. One song was used in the American NBC show 'SK8' and one features in the film The Life and Times of Paul the Psychic Octopus See the whole song here.

See more about Ayd's music here.


Ayd Instone motivational innovation creativity speakerWhy is Ayd the right person to talk to you about creativity?

Because he can't stop being creative, that's why. As a singer songwriter, branding expert, graphic artist and writer, Ayd has studied what creativity is and how it can be harnessed. There are no theories or platitudes here. Ayd talks about creative DOING - how to be inspired to generate bigger and better ideas for sales, for marketing, with your brand to increase creative confidence and innovation.

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Ayd's exciting and entertaining sessions are perfectly suited to energise your event in any of the key slots of:

Ayd Instone motivational innovation creativity speakerThe Opening - to begin the event on a high, to open delegates learning abilities, to have them in an inspired state to take on board more of the messages that will follow.

After lunch - getting delegates to return to concentration is tricky for the most experienced presenters. Ayd excels at it and can get the all room to be ‘back in the room’ to receive the most value from the rest of the day.

The Closing - Ayd can guarantee the event finishes on an inspired high, so that people leave motivated to take what they’ve learned back and take action on it.

After Dinner - Why waste resources on just an entertainer for the evening when you can have your after or pre-dinner slot filled with Ayd’s session that entertains AND continues to deliver learning value.

Ayd Instone motivational innovation creativity speakerAyd Instone motivational innovation creativity speakerAyd's Mission Statement

“To create environments where creativity flourishes, where people experiment with innovative ideas together, free of dogma and boredom, where adults and children are able to develop and use their talents, uniqueness and abilities to their fullest potential without judgement, to benefit themselves and others. Empowering all people to be confident so that they can innovate their personal and business lives. To invest in a more creative future for all.”

Do you want to make money out of thin air?

It can be done. just one simple idea could revolutionise your business. One idea could improve performance, reach new markets, increase profits. One idea could make you a fortune.

The world of business is changing. The way we interact, communicate and sell to our customers and clients is changing. What people will buy and why they will buy it relies on a different set of priorities than just a few years ago. To keep up with these changes, some known and some as yet unknown, to survive and thrive in a more competitive world we need to have new and different ideas and better ways of doing things.

Can you be as creative as the future demands? Can you and your people generate the kind of innovation so badly needed within your industry, within your organisation?

Ayd Instone motivational innovation creativity speaker"One of the most inspiring presenters we have seen. He has high credibility with a scientific audience. Ayd’s witty and memorable speech helped us change our approach to creative thinking." — Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

"Ayd channels people’s creative thinking in a science-driven environment, marrying science and art, touching on his personal experiences and conveying in an exciting and thought-provoking way." — Roche Products Ltd

"Excellent style" — The Co-operative

"I left feeling very inspired and creative!" — Organix

"The perfect balance of humour and fact" — Morrisons

"Ayd Instone is a star" — Roger Harrop, The CEO Expert

Ayd Instone motivational innovation creativity speakerCreative doing and being - not just 'creative thinking'

Few speakers actually walk the talk. It’s outrageous but true. You won’t see a more creative presentation on creativity and innovation than Ayd’s.

So if you want something moderate, something safe. If you don’t want your beliefs to be challenged and your people enthused and inspired look away now.

If you want a run-of-the-mill event that’s static and samey, structured and orderly with the same old paradigm, the same old clichés, the same old platitudes, the same old obvious hints and tips, the same old stories culled from the same old sources, told in the same old way, then look Ayd Instone motivational innovation creativity speakeraway now.

If you can’t cope with a speaker than moves around, who encourages audience interaction and who wears a purple suit then look away Ayd Instone motivational innovation creativity speakernow.

Don’t ask Ayd not to bother bringing his guitar. They come together or not at all. Have you noticed that people can remember the lyrics from a large number of songs from decades ago but can’t remember the bullet points from yesterday’s powerpoint presentation? That’s why the guitar comes. It’s made of carbon fibre. You’ll find out why that’s one of the most important business facts you’ll ever have heard when you book Ayd to speak at your event.

Ayd Instone motivational innovation creativity speakerAyd inspires people to do more, be more, create more, think more. Some of the testimonials he’s received can’t be shown on this website because people have been so excited and positive they’ve used language that isn’t normally associated with a business audience and in the interests of British Decency haven’t been included in this site.

Imagine if everything you every believed in was a lie. Imagine if all your certainties vanished. What would be left? When everyone has gone and everything has changed, who and what is left?

What’s left is your creativity. That’s the tool that will build and shape your life from the raw materials around you. Make sure it’s up for the job.

Ayd’s belief is that anyone and everyone can be a creative genius is infectious and can inspire an audience to dream what they dared not dream, turn those dreams into a vision and lead that vision into positive, result-bearing action.






























Contact Ayd today to discover how you and your business will benefit from being able to create more innovation in every aspect of your operations.

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